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Monday, June 20 2005
I had a housecall today in which the client told me that her son "who knows a lot about computers" had spent two hours fruitlessly trying to help her upload a document to a website using a web form. The problem, it turned out, was that the website couldn't handle ClarisWorks files, something clearly stated on one of its web pages. So the genius that I brought to the client was my dazzling ability to do a "Save as" in the Microsoft Word format. It seemed like such a pathetic thing to have a guy come out to do, but the fact is, not even her son "who knows a lot about computers" could figure this out. What made this all the more pathetic was the fact that the client didn't have any money in her bank account and had to write me a post-dated check, which is a little odd considering that she lives in a non-Mc-style mansion in the tony village of Woodstock. But this isn't that odd when you consider the reality that most people live to the limits of their resources, no matter what those limits happen to be.

After I'd run that housecall and Gretchen's parents had started their trip back to Maryland, I got started on a project of painting one of the walls in the teevee room. Recently Gretchen had decided that the room was far too white, and that one of the walls would be much improved if it was sage green. I'd avoided painting this room in the past, figuring that as the only windowless room in the house, it needed as much wall reflectivity as possible. But Gretchen spends more time in that room than I do, so I did as she wanted.
It turned out that the green I'd bought was too limey and not sufficiently sagey. I fixed it with a generous dollop of black color, the kind used for tinting concrete.

Even before it became dark, I was sitting in front of my computer working on stuff when a wave of extreme tiredness overcame me. I went off to "take a nap" but ended up sleeping until the next day.

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