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Saturday, February 17 2007
I had the hangover blahs for most of the day. In the grand scheme of things it was not a bad hangover, probably because I'd done so much vomitting last night. It mostly consisted of a headache, a vague unjustified feeling of regret, and diminished ambition. Thankfully I suffered from none of those creepy psychological effects I've had from recent hangovers.
Anticipating another cold spell, I went out to gather some firewood in the snow but the best I could do was saw off a piece of Chestnut Oak and carry it houseward a hundred feet down the trail. Either the effects of the hangover or walking in that snow made it impossible to accomplish any more work than that.
I comforted myself for most of the day sitting by the fire with one or two cats in my lap, reading Jared Diamond's the Third Chimpanzee. As always, Jared kept me continually entertained and informed by his amazing ability to marshall hitherto-unknown interdisciplinary facts. Who knew, for example, that gorilla penises are, on average, only 1.25 inches long? And what must that say about human penises?

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