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   rectangular hole to Troglodytia
Thursday, February 22 2007
Today I installed an old twelve inch General Electric non-rotary fan pointed into the intra-stud gap at the top of the wall in the basement guest room bathroom. The air it will pressurize will come out of the two-tile hole in the wall at the bottom of that wall bay. Behind the fan will be a vacuum that I will use to draw air through the hole in the ceiling coming from the oval hole high in the living room in the floor above. The fan is perhaps a bit oversized for this application, but I wasn't satisfied with the airflow I was getting from a large equipment cooling fan. To make a place for it I had to rip out some more drywall and even intrude into the side of a stud.
To mate the back of the fan with the duct above, I made a four-sided wooden box, with sides missing at the top (to capture air from the duct above) and at the south (where the box cups over the fan mounted to the wall). Ultimately that box will form a weird soffit high on the wall. The only other evidence of this project in the basement will be an inexplicable light switch on the wall, and a strange rectangular hole to Troglodytia through the tiles near the toilet. It's a little peculiar to peer in there and see the rough fiberglass backside of the shower surround, defining a gloomy cave that bends off around to the southwest.

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