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   March 2007

01: stroke as a fitness advantage - Geriatric people, geriatric dogs, and a geriatric cat.
02: so filthy with grime - Walking around Silver Spring, Maryland in beautiful early spring weather.
03: Generation Whippersnapper - A late winter evening in Adams Morgan.
04: whole genre wanting - Listening to country music on an east coast roadtrip.
05: cottonwoo - Splitting it green knowing I will burn it in a few days.
06: languishing typo-ridden encyclopedia - Fun at
07: busted on Dug Hill Road - An SUV of teenagers pulls into our driveway to escape an Ulster County deputy cruiser.
08: heat guns, Macintoshes, and freedom manifestos - A new problem with my iBook leads me into the Mac hacker demimonde.
09: hammering that SUV - Parking attempts in front of Stella's in Uptown Kingston.
10: physics of that connection - I sprain my thumb while walking the dogs in hard-packed snow.
11: not all the writing does a good job - I discover a fun new site designed for satirists.
12: little coughs at Poet's Walk - I drive Gretchen to work so she can teach a class despite having the flu.
13: write about this stuff engagingly - Fitting random pieces of brass and a book about developing a content management system.
14: fever delirium dreams - Nightmares in code after reading Dreaming in Code while coming down with the flu.
15: sickness routines - A schedule emerges in my bedridden flu convalescence.
16: fruit juice, firewood, and pharmaceuticals - Gretchen calls in some help from friends on a snowy day of continued sickness.
17: chainsaw-powered recovery - I know I'm healthy when I have a coherent dream involving a chainsaw.
18: new class of household airleaks - A drafts blow from both ends of the collar ties.
19: statistical risk of any shaving - More on my Gillette Fusion, for which I now have replacement heads.
20: flu recovery some days out - The hours are like toilet paper from a reluctant-to-rotate roll.
21: size of a brazil nut - My stomach has yet to regain its capacity since being sick.
22: video with a preferred soundtrack - A first take on This American Life in video form.
23: fail like the heel of Achilles - I've got to be careful to keep ultraviolet light off of my solar panel hoses.
24: consequences of a premature decision - I turn off the boiler for the warm season, confident any gaps in heating can be filled with the woodstove or just-in-time electric water heating.
25: want desperately to be shower radios - Why I use Flash when I want to edit video.
26: eager moss - A late March day in the forest.
27: smaller, wilder, and more fun - It's much harder to start a viral web marketing campaign these days.
28: motivation legs - When the vastness of what needs doing is nothing but discouraging.
29: listening to Pandora - Before internet radio descends into its inevitable dark age.
30: a retro-feudal society of local strongmen - Also, Fox News does viscerally-manipulative video editing.
31: the impressiveness of truth and the dullness of passion - Reviews of An Inconvenient Truth and the Passion of the Christ.