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   flu recovery some days out
Tuesday, March 20 2007
I guess this is how it is when you're recovering from the flu and feeling healthy but not yet 100%: the hours of the day just kind of rip off like toilet paper from a reluctant-to-rotate roll. I find myself continuously tempted to take a nap or a bath. I've also discovered that I am less tolerant than usual of having cats on me, yet they seem more eager than ever to pursue me and then queue up for a turn in my lap.

In a state like this, sometimes the best way to pass the day is to sit and watch television. Tonight Gretchen and I watched Casino Royale, which purports to be something of a James Bond prequel. It was amusing, then, to see that the gadgets of this movie, which were all just the normal gadgets of contemporary human society, were far more advanced than in any of those seen in the other (presumably "later") James Bond movies. There was no attempt made to set this movie in any sort of past; very eary in the action Bond's boss, a matronly woman with a world-weary affect, harumphs, "Christ I misss the Cold War!"

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