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   new class of household airleaks
Sunday, March 18 2007
A local guy came and plowed out our driveway this morning and I found the strength to shovel them out the rest of the way. Later I was healthy enough to drive into town to ge provisions, including spray foam to fill a new class of household airleaks I'd discovered while installing my latest lamp. I'd found these leaks at the ends of the living room's collar ties, which are somewhat hollow and, as it happen, connect directly to the cold air which is allowed to blow between the insulation and the roof sheathing.
When I returned I found Gretchen had been waging a cleaning jihad the entire time I'd been away. She'd washed the bedclothes for first time in months and done a bunch of vacuuming.
Later Penny and David came over with frozen pizza, which we ate with wine at the dinner table. It was perhaps a little premature to be entertaining guests; I found myself retreating to other parts of the house when I felt the need to engage in some particularly unpleasant-sounding hacking.
Later, we went upstairs and watched the Illusionist, a magical (and uncomplicated) movie about a man with seemingly supernatural gifts of illusion and his quest to reunite with his childhood sweetheart. While the illusionist is the son of a lowly tradesman, his childhood sweetheart is a member of the Austrian nobility, and, in her adulthood, about to be engaged to an unpleasant man on the fast track to becoming the King of Austria. The soundtrack is by Phillip Glass and its repetitiveness figures heavily in the movie's one G-rated sex scene.
Penny says that she has trouble watching movies sometimes because of their many visual glitches, which interfere with her suspension of disbelief. When she sees the level of the wine in the glass jumping up and down with every cut she can't pay attention to what is going on. She's a graphic designer and tuned to that sort of thing; I never notice such goofs and am amazed that enough others do to enter them into places such as

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