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   consequences of a premature decision
Saturday, March 24 2007
This morning was sunny, so I flipped the necessary switches and began collecting solar energy for the first time in two months. Since the forecast didn't call for much in the way of cold, I actually went one step further and switched off the boiler for what I hope will be "the season." Now that I have a handle on how best to heat the house with wood and now that there is electric heating available for the water on days when there is insufficient sun, the consequences of a premature decision to switch off the boiler are much less severe than they would have been in past years.
I should note that it was much easier to bring my panel online this year than it was after adding the vacuum tube collector this past summer. The addition of one new place to add hydronic fluid (and drain air) from a high spot between the two panels made all the difference in the world.

At some point Gretchen called to tell me that she'd been suddenly stricken by some terrible gastrointestinal illness while down in the City. Perhaps it was vegan food poisoning or yet another virus, she couldn't say. She'd somehow put herself on a bus, but she said she didn't have the strength to drive herself home from the Kingston bus station.

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