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   little coughs at Poet's Walk
Monday, March 12 2007
Gretchen was still debilitated from the flu, yet normally she'd have to teach her Monday class at Bard College. The sensible thing to do would have been to cancel, but for some reason she decided she needed to teach, like a professor risen from the dead. This, she said, would leave the option open for participating in some hippie anti-war teach-in lovefest smokeout to happen next Monday. But in order to scrape herself together enough to teach, she had to take so many OTC medicines that she didn't feel safe to drive. So I agreed to do the driving instead. We brought the dogs, who hung out with me in Gretchen's stone-walled basement office while Gretchen somehow taught her class. I was able to do all the stuff I normally do on an internet-equipped computer. I also read from a book Gretchen bought me the other day, Survival of the Sickest. I appreciate it for how informative it is about the latest thinking on genetic conditions, epigenics, transposons, introns, and disease strategy. But it's written in an off-putting chatty style that reads a little too much like a get-rich-quick self improvement guide.
On the drive home, we stopped briefly to walk the dogs at Poet's Walk. It was a warm day, but there was still much slushy snow on the grass.

At various times I felt myself needing to cough, and Gretchen would caution me not to, behaving as though she thought I was faking it or doing it by suggestion. She was modelling some very uncomfortable-sounding coughs, some of which were so strenuous they made her vomit. But the truth of the matter was that I wasn't faking it. I felt perfectly healthy, but I kept getting this little feeling deep in my chest that made me want to cough. And so I would. But otherwise I was perfectly healthy. I wasn't getting sick just because she was, something she always accuses me of doing whenever she gets sick.

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