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Thursday, March 22 2007
Over a week ago I'd ordered a heat gun on Amazon to be delivered with special free "value shipping." This meant that it hadn't even been put in the mail yet, and I'd grown tired of waiting for it. The reason I wanted it was to fix my iBook, which is exhibiting evidence of broken solder balls beneath its video processor chip. So today when I was out cruising the motor mile with the dogs I bought a cheapo heat gun from Lowes. The great thing about Lowes and Home Depot, as my friend John Capriotti likes to mention, is that their return policies are so liberal that one can essentially rent tools from those stores for free. Also, in an attempt to find an alcoholic beverage that sits well with my stomach (which has been unusually sensitive since my recent illness), I bought the first six pack of Hurricane Kitty since going on my increasingly-irrelevant "alcohol fast" back in early October.

Tonight was the premier of the telvision version of This American Life, my favorite radio show, the archives of which are my preferred soundtrack when I'm puttering around the house. The problem with television is that it's hard to do anything else when one is watching, but the audio-only version was good enough for me to give this format a try. Hell, I actually ordered Showtime just to watch. (Gretchen and I only order premium channels when they are showing something excellent such as The Wire.) Having seen the premier, I can't say it's better or worse than the radio version. The chief problem with it is that it commands so much of my attention while providing only meagre (though definite) additional value in exchange.

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