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   atrophied larynx muscles
Thursday, April 19 2007
Today for the first time since early April, the weather turned nice, and by this I mean that sunshine accompanied the 50+ degree temperatures, which then decided to transcend the forecast and climb into the 60s. We threw open all the doors to change out the stale indoor air.
This evening a new friend whom we met at the first of this year's two Passover seders came over mostly just to see my solar hydronic collector system. I ended up explaining it all in such detail (at this point there is a lot to explain) that afterwards, as we sat down to banana bread and tea out on the south deck, my larynx felt exhausted. I sometimes wonder if teachers, who must talk for hours every day, develop bulging muscles around their larynxes. Compared to them, my larynx muscles are like the biceps of a 90 pound weakling, they get so little exercise. The writing muscles in my hands and arms have similarly atrophied since the early 90s, when I gave up writing my journal out by hand and started typing on a Macintosh computer instead.
Also while we sat out on the deck, as the sun sat behind the trees and the air started to turn chilly, a single mosquito materialized from somewhere to remind us that all seasons have their downsides.

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