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Tuesday, April 24 2007
My victorvodka identity was finally banned from tonight after I posted a "diary" on that site accusing Army Ranger Bryan O'Neal of cowardice and defying a direct order for his testimony today before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform concerning the fabrication of the heroic story about the death of Pat Tillman in Afghanistan. The diary was taken down, as were all the comments attached to it, but not before I archived a copy. There was about an hour of time between when my victorvodka account was disabled and this diary was deleted, and during that time a number of posts accumulated beneath my diary to which I was unable to respond. The most infuriating came from Moe Lane, who I take to be something of a RedState admin. He posted this:

Alas, knowledge of the actual responsibilities of the American soldier when faced with an order that he considers to be either illegal or immoral can be safely assumed to be common among Republicans.

Ah yes, the party that produced armchair warmongers such as Dick Cheney, Rick Santorum, Tom Delay, Donald Rumsfeld, George W. Bush, Pat Buchanan, Bill Kristol, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Roy Blunt, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kenneth Starr, Paul Wolfowitz, Mitch McConnell, Trent Lott, Ralph Reed, I. Lewis Scooter Libby, George Pataki, Antonin Scalia, John G. Roberts, Jr, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Rudy Giuliani, Richard Perle, Karl Rove, Ted Nugent, Matt Drudge, Charlie Daniels, Michael Medved, Condoleeza Rice, Pat Robertson, Pat Buchanan, George Will, and Rush Limbaugh are all assumed to be well versed in military protocols. Since this knowledge can't have come from experience, it must somehow ride along with the Republican gene on one or two of our 46 chromosomes.

I immediately registered a new identity, but I couldn't start trolling with it in earnest because at the youthfulness of an account is the prime indicator of a troll, particularly if anything the slightest bit off (that is, interesting, one way or the other) appears in a post. They're so jumpy about mobys, purity trolls, and the like that someone espousing the zany retro-fascist views of, say, Ann Coulter, wouldn't last long. Indeed, some of the survivors in the RedState ecosystem seem to be a group of Democrats who are constantly taking pains to point out how reasonable they are (and pulling their weight by drawing attention to the craziness of mobys as they appear).
As I considered the tragic fate awaiting my newest login, I decided to register a second login as well and keep it in reserve (or use it sparingly to do things that won't get me flagged as an instigator). That way, when the other login is eventually banned, I'll have another one of respectable vintage from which to troll. I should actually have several on reserve to use in supporting roles, perhaps to help talk my more trollish identities out of the pickles into which they inevitably find themselves.
Interestingly, the admins at don't seem to pay any attention to IP addresses. I suppose this is a reflection of the reality that so many of their meathead users access the internets through the AOL.

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