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Tuesday, March 10 2009
I was down at the prison computer lab in Woodbourne again today, adding permissions to a common directory and helping inmate-students figure out what their passwords might be. There's a reason computers make you enter your password twice (usually, but not always, when you're creating it). One thing a computer will never ask you to do is scrawl your password onto a piece of paper precisely once so it can then perform character recognition upon it. The madness is that this had been my job.
But overall the visit went well, and I even had enough mental space to chat with the guard who'd accompanied me. It was the usual banter. "Pretty nice computers for prisoners, huh?" "Yeah, but the monitors are a little small." "I'll bet you get pretty good money working with computers. Me, I don't know nothin' 'bout computers." "About 90 percent of what you need to know you can learn in about ten minutes."
On the way back north, I stopped for a couple slices of pizza at a place I'd never patronized on the west side of 209 in Accord. The cheese strata on these slices were far thinner than what I'd encountered on the pieces I'd eaten in Ellenville a week or so ago. There was also sufficient red sauce, a pizza constituent that has long been in decline on American pizza. There's only so much stuff that can go on a pizza, and since no pizza advertising ever touts the pizza sauce, it something that can easily go neglected. A somewhat related phenomenon has to do with topping varieties. On a price-to-raw-materials basis, it's most cost-effective for the consumer to order as few pizza toppings as possible, since each additional topping adds to the price, though less and less of each topping is added to the pizza as the number of toppings increase.

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