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   March 2009

01: except using the leak itself - The slow, delayed rise of the water table, delicious portobellos, and finishing a loop of copper pipe.
02: slow wax motor - Wondering why the new zone valve is so quiet.
03: triangular Greenland icecap - Disgusting pizza after a glucose crash in a prison computer lab.
04: marathon with the archive - The age of deep archives of good television.
05: necessary vapor barrier - Protecting the greenhouse framing from its high levels of humidity.
06: prone to overshares - Compudisaster at a prison, a heat deflector made from a piece of car metal, and pizza and beer with vegan friends.
07: electricity in the sky - A visit to our off-grid friends' house.
08: solemn springy day in Woodstock - A brunch and a memorial.
09: accursed hatchback fixes - Preparing an ill-advised eBay purchase for eventual resale.
10: nothin' 'bout computers - Prison computer work followed by acceptable pizza.
11: never deliberation, procrastination, patience - Gretchen cracks the whip, but an accursed hatchback gets fixed on its own schedule.
12: Moore's ramp with microcontrollers - Again the memory of the Arduino environment doubles.
13: roof rackin' - The Subaru's first hauling job.
14: signal doctoring - Trying to make an oxygen sensor produce data indicating a good catalytic converter.
15: cologne sandwich - Never let someone else slice your bagel.
16: debe llevarse - A Spanish-only sign in a rural Upstate gas station bathroom.
17: nervous pseudoeuphoria - Something genuinely weird on American Idol.
18: 105 day season - Turning off the boiler on a springlike day.
19: cluster of 24 - An ethernet switch for a prison and a check engine light too.
20: web programming is possible without access to the internet - A quick Javascript lesson to an inmate.
21: crowing with a thousand silent roosters - Ray's ordering dessert is thwarted by homemade cupcakes.
22: least object-oriented dog - Dogs on the SUNY-Ulster tennis courts.
23: prime temperatures for activities - I can split wood and be happy in temperatures far colder than ones in which I compose emails.
24: car behind as collateral - Test drive protocols among strangers.
25: the sadistic type - Another fun day in the big house with computers that barely work.
26: hysteria-based decisionmaking - A long unpleasant day at Eastern Correctional Facility in New York.
27: shell of awkwardness - From Woodbourne Correctional Facility to a private party at Woodstock's only vegan restaurant.
28: preferred never learning - Learning the esoterica of Microsoft enterprise networking against my will.
29: when you can't anticipate - Trying to imagine what you'll need when you visit a computer lab in a prison is a fool's errand.
30: could still hammer out - Brain glucose ebbs for want of lunch while fingers still know the admin password.
31: Little Miss Zero Tolerance - Like entering a chicken egg, entering a prison is hardest at its surface.