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Tuesday, March 24 2009

Gretchen was down in the city for the night and that left me as the point person for people wanting to come and look at our accursed Honda Civic hatchback, which is now for sale. When we were reselling our practically-new Prius, we found ourselves dealing with PhD-possessing lesbians, but when you're selling an eleven year old car for less than three thousand dollars, you have to expect to deal with a younger, more transient, much flakier stratum of the human population. Dealing with flaky people cuts deeply into your freedom. You never know when they're going to call or show up, or if they will at all. Today, for example, the person who was supposed to call never did, but someone else did instead. It was a young Hispanic couple who used GPS to navigate to our driveway. I had to perform a final geographic assist while looking out the laboratory window; I could see their headlights in the driveway of our downhill neighbor while they talked to me via cellphone. In the end they took the car for a brief test drive. As he did so, the guy felt the need to remind me that he was leaving his own car behind as a sort of collateral, a fact that could have easily been left unstated. His young girlfriend was attractive in a skinny high school kind of way and, as happens with men, a scenario crossed my mind where a potential test-driver might leave both his girlfriend and his car behind as collateral, a protocol that would only be necessary in cases where the test-driven car was much more expensive than the car in which the test driver had arrived.

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