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Thursday, March 19 2009

Gretchen went to the City for the night, leaving me with nothing but the accursed hatchback to drive around in (the Subaru was still at the glass shop). I needed a 24 port ethernet switch for the new computer lab at Eastern Correctional Facility, so I went out to 9W to get one. On the way to Home Depot, I stopped at my bank (the Mid Hudson Valley Credit Union, which originally served the area's IBM employees until IBM left in 1994) to deposit some checks, and damned if my check engine light didn't come on soon after I left the bank. Later my code reader would inform me that the problem was a 0335, a crankshaft position sensor problem, so at least my oxygen sensor hack was still working. But still the car is accursed. The thing is like a Mandelbrot pattern of trouble, with tiny troubles superimposed on the edges of huge ones.
When I was buying the 24 port ethernet switch, the cashier dude at Office Depot mumbled his surprise to see such a monster. Not many small businesses, let alone average citizens, have a use for a cluster of 24 ethernet ports.

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