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Friday, April 2 2010
Taking advantage of the warm weather, I've begun putting out the four tiny tomato seedlings I've managed to sprout so that they get maximum sun throughout the day. Then, after the sun falls behind the house, I bring them back in (even though nighttime temperatures haven't been going below 40). The tomatoes I've been able to get started aren't from any of the seed packets I have (some of which are five years old). All my seed-packet tomato seeds appear to be dead. These live ones come from seeds that had been in a vine tomato I'd bought recently in Hannaford specifically for the making of vegan BLTs. I have my doubts whether they'll actually lead to healthy plants with delicious tomatoes. But their parent was delicious, so there's a chance.
Once the tomatoes seem to be doing well, I'll replant them into a bigger pot and move them into the greenhouse. Eventually, perhaps in May, I'll move them into the garden.

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