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Thursday, April 8 2010
Yesterday Gretchen had flown off to Denver for a big writers' conference, the kind where the nickel-and-dimers try to charge $13/day for internet access because everybody is expensing everything. (The economics of buying things that others are paying for make a mockery of the invisible hand; think college text books.) But Gretchen called bullshit on the internet scam and managed to get hers for free.
Meanwhile I've been making gradual improvements to my brownhouse, which has been off-line and unusable since I ripped out the waterlogged MDF. Yesterday I cut out a piece of planking to fit the void in the shitting bench surface and this morning I went crazy with automotive Bondo in hopes of creating a smooth, solid surface suitable for sanitary maintenance. Bondo is much harder to spread smoothly than something like drywall joint compound. And it also sets up too quickly (it seems to be a sort of five minute epoxy). In the end I had to do a bunch of sanding, which is something I barely need to do when finishing drywall.
Later I went to Uptown Kingston to get more polyurethane for the brownhouse as well as lettuce, soy milk, and radishes (ultimately to pass through it).
With my brownhouse out of commission, I've still been able to avoid using indoor plumbing. But it's not easy or as pleasant shitting directly into a trashcan without the benefits of privacy, a toilet seat, reading materials, and a roll of toilet paper. But the leaves are coming in fast on the deciduous trees, and soon enough the brownhouse area will be completely screened from everything but the house.

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