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Wednesday, April 14 2010
Though I've been very curious, I've been reluctant to open up my new Portland cement toilet seat to see if it had turned out well. But this morning I figured it had had enough time to harden, so I opened it up. Aside from a few stray casting artifacts that could be broken off and sanded away, the results were better than expected. And once installed in the brownhouse, it seemed to work well despite the new weight. The weight actually made the toilet seat feel more substantial and expensive. Best of all, when closed, the seat completely sealed the hole leading down to the shit can.
Later in the day I mixed up a fine batter of new Portland cement and used this to cover up negative defects (voids) in the toilet seat's cement. I had plenty of leftover cement for fixing imperfections from yesterday's greenhouse southwest corner project. "Imperfections" is itself an imperfect word for describing something that ideally ends up as a rough-textured stucco surface, and here I use it to mean patches of fiberglass mesh were showing through. Ideally I want the mesh completely concealed.

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