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Sunday, April 4 2010
While I continued cleaning the house (on a jihad that had begun last night), Gretchen prepared another of her waffle brunches, the kind that made use of batter that had fermented overnight (they're really good). Guests at today's brunch were friend Marisa and David from the city (Gretchen knows them through animal rights scene). Unfortunately, though, M&D were sort of worn out from days if not weeks of socializing, culminating last night with attendance last night of one Levon Helm's Midnight Rambles , one of the most expensive legal ways to spend an evening in the greater Woodstock area. According to David, the Ramble had been a showcase for truly excellent musicianship playes in an acoustically perfect environment, but the scene had a creepy cultlike quality to it, complete with beefy security guys and a human APPLAUSE sign. Gretchen keeps threatening to drag me to a show there, but I'm pretty sure I would hate it. For one thing, the music would almost certainly be from a genre that doesn't excite me (the term "roots rock" comes to mind), and there would be three hours of it. And some grey haired hippie lady would be scowling at me from the stage because I'd be delivering an insufficient fraction of the demanded applause. [REDACTED]
The weather was nice enough to once again eat out on the east deck. But the sun was so hot that it eventually sent us back indoors to finish our brunch.

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