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Friday, April 23 2010
With that one day of nearly 90 degrees in early April, summer seemed to have stepped in as immediate replacement for winter. Now, though, we've been having a more conventional spring. The leaves are all a bit advanced from the early warm spell, but the days are a bit cool. It's nice if you're in the sun, but in the shade it's still rather cool. And once the sun goes down, the cold comes on fast. It hasn't been freezing at night, but it's hardly been the kind of weather in which one wants to sit out on a deck with a bottle of wine and watch a meteor shower. Gretchen has been complaining about the coolness of the nights, but I think she's just forgetting what our climate is supposed to be like, and she was led to a false sense of our climate's potential by that anomalous warm spell some weeks ago.
The weather has been warm enough to bring out the annoying flies of May, a species that bedeviled me in past years but one which I've grown accustomed to. The flies buzz in front of your face and will bite if you allow them to land on you, but these bites seem to come reluctantly, they're never very painful, and they seldom leave much evidence.

I often get exposed to obscure new bands by listening to Indie Pop Rocks. For example, I've been enjoying Exploding Head by A Place to Bury Strangers, which I paid real money to download from But recently Indy Pop Rocks has been exposing me to great bands that don't seem to have actually released any recorded material. How can one be a fan of such a band when one lives far from a city and never goes to live shows?
Two bands that I love but whose music I cannot obtain are Thula (a melodic punk band with a distinctive vocal style) and The Distants (a sort of shoe-core band fronted by a woman with an eerie Middle-Eastern-style delivery).

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