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   Poison Ivy vs. Dr. Bronner's
Monday, May 3 2010
This evening Gretchen and I met our friends Chris and Kirsty for dinner at the Garden Café in Woodstock. They were about to leave on a extended European vacation, and they wanted to grab one last meal at the region's only vegan restaurant. [REDACTED]
Before we went to the Garden, Gretchen and I first ran the dogs through the woods at the Comeau Property. At the end of our hike, we took a shortcut across up a bushy slope that was covered with Poison Ivy, and I was wearing flip flops. So the first thing I did at the Garden was go to the bathroom to wash my feet. In there was a soap dispenser charged with Dr. Bronner's miracle soap.
I'm not a big fan of the Garden's entreés, though I love their soups. In the past I've considered getting one soup as an appetizer and another as a main course. Today my plan was complicated by the fact that the Garden offers a buffet on Mondays, and that actually looked really good. In the end, though, I went with the two soups. The first was mushroom and tomato and was delicious. The second was kidney bean and rice, and a hint of cinnamon made it seem a little weird. Two bowls of soup wasn't quite enough food, so for a final course I had a bowl of the yummy chickpea stuff from the buffet.

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