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   tomato planting time
Thursday, May 13 2010
With the weather looking likely to stay warm for the foreseeable future, today I took the step of planting all the tomato plants I'd grown from seed in first of the two new tomato patches (these lie in the narrow strip between the our parking area and the western edge of our lawn). I had some commercial potting soil to augment the vitality of the still-questionable (though greatly improved) soil. Then I mulched all the plants with dead leaves, which I secured in place with sticks. Strong gusts of wind would occasionally blow through, and without the sticks the leaves would have all quickly been carried away.
I still have three other tomato plants that Gretchen bought from Davenport's, and these may or may not be contaminated with tomato blight. Just to be safe, they'll be going into the second of the two tomato patches. The soil in that patch is still pretty bad, though I've augmented it by burying a five gallon bucket of urine-soaked leaves beneath it. I've also been going around the yard and scooping up dog shit, which I've been stirring into the clay. That might seem kind of gross, but after baking for a few hours in the sun, this admixture seems to lose all its offensive properties. Nevertheless, when I plant the tomatoes, I won't be digging with my hands.

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