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Sunday, May 16 2010

location: Buffalo, NY

There was a handy robot for making delicious coffee in the slumlord mansion's great room this morning. Aside from a little drama related to phone tag with a difficult biological-father-of-the-bride, everyone seemed to be handling their hangovers pretty well. As for me, Gretchen's chiding me last night had caused me to exercise restaint at a critical time and I'd woken up this morning as if I'd only drunk water and fruit juice yesterday.
We skipped what would have certainly been a bacon-and-egg-rich breakfast and headed for home on I-90, reaching Syracuse before 1:00pm. We headed straight for the Strong Hearts Café and had another delicious lunch. Strong Hearts is three hours from our house, but Gretchen considered coming back for their big two year anniversary pizza party until she realized it conflicted with some other plan she has.
The day had started out brisk in Buffalo, but by now in Syracuse it was sunny and temperatures were nearly ideal. Walking off our lunch, we strolled up a hill past a hospital and then onto the grounds of Syracuse University, which is punctuated by numerous large, stately buildings of various styles and age. Today was graduation day, and we kept passing streams of students in caps and gowns walking with their beaming parents. Most of these students looked to have had ancestry in the Far East, and a good many could be heard speaking to each other in various unknown foreign languages. On the way back to the car, we walked through the university's "frat row," marveling at the differences between the fraternity buildings. One might be a run-down clapboard building near the center of campus, while another (particularly the house for Delta Kappa Epsilon) could be a grand stone building set high on a hill across from a park.
Before leaving Syracuse, we got some sandwiches and a container of soup to go from the Strong Hearts Café. Three hours later, we were home.

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