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   May 2010

01: yardsale palette - Why you can tell when it will be a good yardsale from a distance.
02: cantilevered over their backs - Another bike race up Dug Hill Road and I see the contestants sorted by weight and equipment.
03: Poison Ivy vs. Dr. Bronner's - Going off trail at the Comeau Property in Woodstock.
04: power of plastic - A need for more monofilament.
05: three computer things - DropBox, Filezilla, and Firefox autocomplete.
06: Mr. Stinkypants - The New Pornographers in Bearsville, NY.
07: macho and girlie pizza - Gretchen makes two pizzas for pizza night.
08: white wine and blackeyed peas - It's better than red if one intends to drink a lot.
09: stack on steroids - Using a nearby tree to scaffold a massive increase in the length of an outhouse vent stack.
10: anachronistic phone calls - Why phone calls aren't an effective form of communication in a highly-technical field.
11: power of search - There is no computer quandry that cannot be figured out if search is powerful enough.
12: map of the endtimes - We have an alternative rocker and his wife over for dinner.
13: tomato planting time - The weather is good enough to start the first of two tomato patches.
14: Niagara Falls - A tacky and spectacular place.
15: Buffalo, New York - Lush in the spring, but rusting all the same.
16: Syracuse fratville - Strolling through the University on a gorgeous graduation day.
17: easy picking for the Phoebes - Humanure in a tomato patch.
18: wing fiasco - Real chicken wings momentarily delivered to a table of vegans.
19: garden planted - And there are six jalapeño pepper plants.
20: the Baby shit management - Now I have to deal with cat diarrhea in the laboratory again.
21: narrowing conditions - Adding yet more intelligence to my TableForm generic database editor.
22: through Pittsburgh's front door - Visiting the in-laws to attend a med school graduation.
23: back to the common trunk - Hanging out with the family, which always more rooted in conventional culture.
24: handy baby - How entertaining a baby kept us out of a dreary med school graduation.
25: lawn snakes and spiders - Stay out of the way of the weed eater, you guys!
26: permission that politics demanded - Approval to plant a barrier between us and the road.
27: interactive relation drawing - Also, tree selection at a nursery and a pair of legs at Onteora lake.
28: leaks of blood and water - A new front-loading washing machine.
29: doggy daycare - Working on a web project with lots of dogs staring at me.
30: mice, pinecones, and falling baby robins - Also, Ray gets bored and joins me on a drive into town.
31: brutally toxic cloud - Also, tree selection at a nursery and a pair of legs at Onteora lake.