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   wing fiasco
Tuesday, May 18 2010
I woke up this morning with a mild sore throat, indicating that I was now sicker than I'd been in over a year. The soreness seemed to stem from the accelerated production of mucous in that region of glurpy human parts between the hard palette of the mouth and the sinuses behind the nose.
I was also feeling a bit run-down, and the weather did nothing to cheer me. It was yet another unseasonably cold, rainy day. It was perfect, in other words, for watching television.
But by this evening I was feeling a bit peppier and was willing to go with Gretchen to meet up with Doug and Jenny at New World Home Cooking to celebrate Jenny's birthday. Others who would be present included our friend Deborah (who now works for Jenny), our houseguest Ray (who would be our waiter), and another of Jenny's employee named Rebecca.
The vegan options are actually kind of limited and the cooks a bit inflexible, so three of us ended up ordering the same thing (portabella "steaks" with fries). We also ordered the seitan wings, but that nearly ended in disaster when they brought out real chicken wings instead (they looked really good!). That's not really what you want to be setting in front of a group of evangelical vegans who work as professional farm animal rescuers.
Since I was sick and since it was Tuesday (my weekly day of alcohol abstinence), I was the only one not drinking booze. More annoying than abstaining was explaining why I was doing so. I used the excuse of being sick; if I'd mentioned my weekly day of abstinence, I would have been sucked down into a rathole of questions such as, "Do you think you have a problem?"
I have to say, what with the chicken wing fiasco, forgotten items, and other minor waiterly failings, Ray definitely wasn't bringing his A-game tonight. Also, the food wasn't particularly good. The problem with New World is that the kitchen staff is always in flux and what it produces can vary enormously in quality. I've eaten there a good half dozen times at least, but I've only ever had one good meal.

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