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Wednesday, May 19 2010
My health seemed better today, and the weather did too. It had stopped raining, but it was still cool and overcast.
Over a week ago Gretchen had bought broccoli, kale, peas, lettuce, and jalapeño peppers, and they had started to turn yellow down in the greenhouse where I'd been keeping them. Their little rootballs had begun to outgrow their containers. So today, impulsively, I decided to plant our main garden, the one where we'd traditionally grown all of our crops. We didn't have any mushroom dirt from Andrea, though the garden soil looked pretty good anyway. I've been burying much of my urine output (combined with leaves) beneath it for three years, and whenever I dig a hole to bury more, I encounter the blackened leaves of earlier urine burials. All this digging and and redigging (combined with the activity of earthworms) has stirred the soil into a fluffy dark brown powder. I can always add mushroom dirt later if Andrea ever gets around to ordering some.
For some reason Gretchen had bought me six jalapeño pepper plants, so I planted three of them in the second tomato patch. The problem with that patch is that it is far enough from the house to be at risk for deer browsing, so that pretty much limits me to planting nightshades (which deer don't really like) there. I've never attempted to grow hot peppers before, though I remember it being the crop my father felt proudest about in his garden. As I've mentioned before, I can feel myself slowly transforming into my father. He used to bring his home grown peppers with him to restaurants to add a little spice to his food, and lately I've taken to carrying my own hot sauce.

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