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   out of a procrastinatory funk
Monday, June 21 2010
It's amazing how one phone call can cheer me up and lift my mood, particularly when I'm stuck in a procrastinatory funk. Mind you, I absolutely hate scheduled phone calls, particularly when I'm expected to tell people on the other end of the line about the progress I am making on whatever they are paying me to do. But it never happens that I have such a call and end up disappointing people with my lack of progress. Usually it is they who are do the apologizing: for the lack of a proper specification, for the failings in other people's communication, or for the ridiculous tightness of the schedule. Today I got off the phone after such a call and it was as if all my problems had vanished. I felt like I was on some sort of happy pill. Gretchen even commented on it.
This evening after taking a bath (a reward I tend to deny myself when I've been procrastinating), I received an email trying to get me to pay for access to Limewire. I kid you not. It came with links to Less suprising was that it came from Russia, which you discover a few links in (for example at I'm sure there are plenty of teenagers and grandmothers out there without the skills (or friends to show them how) to download a P2P application allowing them to download whatever they want for free, and these poor souls constitute a resource ready and willing to be exploited. Still, it's amazing that such scams can persist in a world where ignorance requires the failure of the reflex to Google. If there's one bit of advice I would give the credulous, it is this: Google it before you buy it.

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