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Monday, December 6 2010
The weather had taken a turn for the frigid today, but that didn't keep me from making my monthly booze run. I also had a number of other unusual errands to run. I wanted some broken mirror shards for use on either side of the south-facing glass of the greenhouse (to catch sunlight before and after the sun passes the point where the greenhouse gets maximal insolation). I didn't care if the mirror was broken; I could fashion random shards into a decorative mosaic. I'd remembered there being a glass place somewhere along Albany Avenue, but today all I could find along that route was an autoglass place with a shattered windshield in its dumpster. (Nearby, though, was a place where vehicles can access the freight railway, and there was a large truck parked there that had both rubber wheels and a set of tireless railroad wheels, making it capable as either a track or a road vehicle.)
I went to Home Depot and bought hardware to complete the well's hatch door in the new greenhouse floor. Then I continued on to Goodwill, where I keep hoping to find a vintage AM/FM stereo. Today I also hoped to maybe find some cheap mirror. I didn't find any mirror, but I did find a reasonably good stereo, a Sony STR-DE185. It wasn't as analog as I'd hoped, but at least it had a large single-purpose volume knob. (Nothing makes you feel out of control of a stereo quite as much as needing to turn it down quickly and having nothing but buttons to press.) The price was right, so I bought it.
When I went to get my liquor, I needed a replacement for my usual litre of Evan Williams whiskey. Something about whiskey has been clashing with my constitution lately, aggravating esophageal discomfort and acid reflux. I needed some new clear booze to replace it with, but I wanted it to come in a bottle I could later use for some architectural project. A huge thing about Evan Williams is its stackable rectangular clear glass bottle; I've saved every Evan Williams bottle I've bought since moving to Hurley, though I don't yet have a project for them. Ideally my new booze would have come in a hexagonal bottle, but no such bottles could be found in the liquor store (in this case, the one near the Burlington Coat Factory on US 209, a place I used to patronize a lot more back when I used to shop at Lowes and eat slices at the pizzeria a few doors away). I ended up buying a litre bottle of Jose Cuervo tequila. My reason was as follows: it was the cheapest clear liquor that came in a rectangular bottle (and it was still significantly more expensive than a litre of Evan Williams).
Before getting that liquor, I'd ventured into the Lowes for the first time in over two years. I was hoping to find a bulk bag of half inch 90 degree copper fittings and a good selection of lamp hardware, but I was disappointed. The lamp hardware was more extensive than can be found at Home Depot, but (as with Home Depot), the only bulk fitting bags of half inch 90 degree copper fittings are "street fittings." These throw geometric chaos and design awkwardness into my copper lamps, and copper lamps were the reason I was in search of a bag of such fittings. Memo to self: buy all copper fittings I find from now on when I am at yard sales. [REDACTED]

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