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Thursday, December 30 2010
After struggling on and off for hours with a mildly-corrupted Linux file system on Coyote, our video-file-playing computer, Gretchen and I watched an .AVI file of the quirky psycho-romantic comedy Cyrus this evening. It was watchable and entertaining, but it was surprisingly insubstantial. At the end I found myself wondering momentarily if I'd actually even seen a movie. Not that much had actually happened, and as psychospawn go, the character played by Jonah Hill just didn't seem sufficient to build a movie around. I don't often say this, but the stakes should have been higher. An firey explosion (if only for the trailer) would have helped.
I thought I recognized John C. Reilly from somewhere and later realized he plays Dr. Steve Brule in the absurd spit-talk local news spoofs Brule's Rules ("for your health!"). I don't know how parenting or otherwise performing a role as an authority figure can even happen after the thorough lampooning it's now received.

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