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   December 2010

01: stuff left by ghosts - Seeing Storage Wars for the first time.
02: concerned citizen - Combatting the selfish demands of some animal sanctuary neighbors.
03: tiny cardboard diagrams - These yield surprisingly accurate full-scale results.
04: outsider recovery art - Affordable art by residents of a group home for men.
05: exquisite sixer mixer - The perfect thing to bring when visiting friends.
06: shapes of liquor bottles - I change my choice of liquor using mostly bottle shape as my guide.
07: triangular details - Still finishing odd bits of geometry in the greenhouse.
08: hunters of the corn fields - Gretchen discovers that they do in fact exist.
09: sessions cannot survive the change - A common payment domain for other domains. And I protest that I am not a deadbeat.
10: gradual winter sunlight - A slow campaign to remove evergreens south of the house.
11: blue headlight douchebags - A person with bluish headlights lives up to his douchey first impression.
12: septic mound of Christmas trees - Ray and his sidekick come to get a tree, though none are very good. Also, pretty low clouds over the Esopus.
13: Yeti and Intervention - Combining an imperial stout not with food, but with quality reality television.
14: rope-and-chain jujutsu - Cutting down trees with a rope-and-chain limb saw.
15: Colbert pancake - In the audience on the set of the Colbert Report.
16: mulberry windfall - The highway department makes more firewood available from the dead tree in front of our house.
17: peg ladder in the hemlocks - Cutting lower limbs on nearby hemlocks above the reach of a ladder.
18: really mulberry? - Now I'm not sure I'm burning mulberry.
19: fake the Baby meat - Marinated tofu with red spaghetti sauce.
20: laptop on 12 volts - I can run one off a conventional desktop power supply.
21: late night at Hannaford - I get ingredients when Gretchen goes on a late-night candy-making jihad.
22: technological digestion - An infuriating Aiwa stereo from 1998 becomes a pile of reusable pieces.
23: circular painting of Nigel - Making a less impersonal seasonal gift for Gretchen.
24: veganic - Organic, and not animal-derived.
25: Christmas, 2010 - Both Jewish and non-Jewish parts.
26: out of the child rearing tunnel... - ...emerges a reasonably human-like nephew.
27: mash potato soup - A blizzard doesn't ruin Deborah's dinner party.
28: collage of unfinished sentences - Toddler in a non-child-proofed living room.
29: mandatory razor change - Gretchen tires of the shoddy results from my year-old Gillette Fusion razor head.
30: as psychospawn go - An .AVI of the movie Cyrus.
31: New Years at Skytop - We spend the night five miles from home.