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Tuesday, December 7 2010
In the southwest corner of the greenhouse, near the top of the south-facing glass, is an odd triangle between the 60 degree slope of the glass, the horizontal top of the concrete block wall, and the vertical wall up to the roofline. I'd filled this space with wood and styrofoam, but at the eight-inch thickness of a concrete block, there was still a void that I'd never fully finished. Today I filled that void with scrap styrofoam and wood to create a plane to attach Durock to. Once I'd screwed in the Durock and covered it with fibreglass mesh and Portland cement, it had the same weathered patina of the the concrete wall beneath it, which it now looked like a triangular extension of. Addressing the little neglected details like this are gradually making the interior of the greenhouse resemble some timelessly ancient, hardy structure, the kind one sees in long-settled places like Kingston, NY. Yet the building is only two years old.

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