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Wednesday, December 29 2010
We'd be going over to Penny and David's house for dinner tonight and Gretchen pretty much ordered me to bathe beforehand. I love bathing, but I'm also competitive, and was competeing with myself for how long I can go between baths. Aside from when I'm gathering firewood or shoveling snow, I perspire very little in the winter time, so I never feel much urgency to bathe. And I don't like putting unnecessary demands on our fuel oil supply (which heats household water in the winter). Still, since bathing is also when I shave and wash my hair, I start looking like Rasputin if I put it off for too long. In addition to making me bathe, Gretchen also made me put a new blade on my five-blade Gillette Fusion razor. I'd been using the old blade for over a year, and the quality of my shaves had recently plummeted noticeably.

In the evening, Ray and Nancy came over to our place and the four of us, along with our four dogs, all carpooled to Penny and David's place. Dinner tonight was some sort of nut loaf and was entirely vegan. Somewhat surprisingly, half the loaf hadn't been covered with a pool of melted cheese and there wasn't even any parmesan put out for those who want it. Evidently David and Penny are taking Ray's new dietary regime as seriously as, well, a heart attack. For some reason there is no Milo news to report.

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