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Wednesday, August 8 2012
Over the past few days I've been building the framework of a small "floor" that will cantilever out 12 inches over the window in the southeast corner of the new greenhouse upstairs. This floor will allow me to fit an oversized piece of insulated glass out beyond the plane of the other windows, in a place where I don't have to contend with the girder. With this cantilevered window, I will have a nice little sunbox suitable for either cat relaxation or the starting of seedlings. Today I'd completed the "floor" enough to carry it down to the greenhouse to see how it fit and make a number of final adjustments.

Gretchen returned this afternoon after having spent a couple days in the City for her book release party (among other things). For some reason she'd scheduled a small dinner party at our house for this evening even though the last thing she wants to do after a two hour bus ride is to cook a meal for six. The people who came were Chris, Kirsti, Kristi's brother (and houseguest) Christien, and Christien's wife Michaela. The latter two will be housesitting during our upcoming trip to the Adirondacks, so part of the reason for having the party tonight was so we could show them the things they would need to know, most of which were cat-related. We'll be taking our dogs, but that will be a mixed blessing. You see, without the dogs around to clean up after her, Marie (aka "the Baby") will be leaving lingering puddles of diarrhea throughout the house (because she doesn't like to go numero uno punto cinco in litter boxes). I don't even know how bad that's going to end up being.
We dined out on the east deck, where (for some mysterious reason) the mosquitoes weren't all that bad. For awhole, though, there was a redneck down at the bus turn around monotonously firing what sounded like a mid-sized rifle (perhaps a .30-30).
The main course of tonight's meal some sort of purple-potato-and-tofu concoction that ended up being a lot better than I expected.

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