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Sunday, August 19 2012

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, New York

I had an overhang of tasks left over from my time in the Adirondacks, which couldn't help but being more relaxing and less productive than initially hoped for. So today in an effort to get caught up, I took a semi-recreational 90 milligram dose of pseudoephedrine, which is thankfully still available at local drugstores (though these days you're made to feel like a criminal whenever you go to buy it).
Our car's troublesome suspension during our drive back from the Adirondacks had me surfing the web and watching Youtube videos in hopes of determining just what a bad shock absorber behaves like. Ultimately, though, I wouldn't really have a good sense of the problem unless I took the car on a test drive. So I decided to go on a grocery run into Uptown Kingston, which would have two nice side effects: it would reup my beer supply and it would get Gretchen some essentials for a dinner party she had planned for tomorrow.
When I was actually driving the car into town, its suspension seemed perfectly fine. It wasn't making any funny clunky noises and it wasn't handling badly. All I could conclude was that the heavy weight of all the stuff we'd taken to the lake (coupled with the two-shopping-carts'-worth of stuff we'd bought at Trader Joes) had only affected the car temporarily.

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