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   July 2012

01: vegan tapework paradox - What is the moral thing to do when one is vegan and parasitized by a long, disgusting flat worm.
02: another south girder - Finishing the framing above the south wall in the greenhouse upstairs.
03: Ramona' first visit to the dump - It will probably be the only occasion that both Sally and Ramona are at the West Hurley Transfer Station at the same time.
04: unlovely SeaTac - Getting around without a car in one of the least pedestrian-friendly places in America.
05: Whidbey Island vegan hunt - Arriving at the location of another wedding.
06: wedding on an island - Our friend Mary has what will probably be among the last first weddings for our peers.
07: hugs and handshakes in Washington State - Also: Enterprise has an interesting regime of upselling at the airport-like car rental facility in SeaTac.
08: also a soccer sports bar - It sort of makes sense that a brewpub would also be a venue for watching soccer.
09: Oregon City elevator - We drive to a nearby community to see the art of a friend.
10: you cannot lock your keys in a Prius - Actually, you can if one of the doors isn't fully locked.
11: coast of Oregon - Ecola State Park and Astoria, followed by a stay just east of Portland.
12: Sauvie Island beaches - An unexpected gem in the Columbia River.
13: north of Mount Saint Helens - Visiting the volcano 32 years after it exploded.
14: lights from the ground - Flying over North America at night.
15: hyperspace around the bullshit - There is a technological solution to the problem of media company pissing contests.
16: Katydids, 2012 - Also, Breaking Bad jumps the shark.
17: missed Darwinian opportunity - Radiolab lets me down and I pull off a tricky window hanging in the greenhouse upstairs.
18: flash flood on Hurley Avenue - Also: learning what Einstein actually knew before he came up with the the Special Theory of Relativity.
19: trollportunities - One reason to have people with different world views among your Facebook friends.
20: little kids love my greenhouse - The key to keeping them entertained turned out to be a simple tour of my personal fort.
21: ants in my way - Tearing apart an old bay window to salvage its window units.
22: historical game of telephone - The Imaginary Invalid at Bard and a past-peak restaurant soon to close.
23: a snerch for Ray - Offering the food I like to make for myself.
24: homegrown cabbage burritos in our modest mcmansion - Gretchen looks at million dollar houses and then cooks an unusual meal.
25: passing of a Google Street View car - Also: the impressive first garden of some friends.
26: storm-warning driven - Events today were mostly driven by a huge storm that was predicted to send hail and tornadoes our way.
27: tapeworm jihad - Awaking to find dried tapeworm segments littering the bed.
28: last of the salvaged windows - But now how do I fill the remaining rectangles?
29: Nigel the brownhouse cat - But today he joins us in the living room for our weekly coffee ritual.
30: spaghetti and garden slop - What I had for dinner after a day of work and pseudoephedrine.
31: equal and opposite unnesting - All day coding with a hangover.