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Sunday, July 15 2012

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, New York

During our vacation in the few minutes of downtime when my thoughts weren't flooded with pornographic imagery, I'd been thinking about the next things I needed to do on the greenhouse upstairs. I did one of those things today: the insertion of blocks of wood into the south girder so as to provide better attachment to the rafters and further stabilize the girder's shape before I begin trying to install windows beneath it. Here's a picture showing what I mean regarding new blocks in the girder. Imagine this holding up the south end of the roof by passing beneath all the rafters perpendicular to them, and the blocks tying in to some of those rafters:

Despite an ongoing drought, today there was at least the temptation of rain in the form of a few thunderstorms. But when I went to check to see how much rain had accumulated in the 50 gallon drum that collects all the water from the woodshed, I found it only had a couple inches in it. Unfortunately that's not the kind of weather that will spare me the job of watering the garden.

Both Gretchen and I were in agreement that we'd eaten like inbred Labrador Retrievers while in the Pacific Northwest, and so to compensate for that wave of calories, tonight she cooked a sensible pasta dish using whole wheat noodles and a sauce containing relatively small amounts of oil. It was good, though just a wee bit unsatisfying. Had I been a citizen of Darfur during the famine, I'm sure I would have found it quite delectable.

This evening Gretchen and I would have watched the first episode of the new season of Breaking Bad, but for some reason Dish Network is no longer carrying AMC. There is some kind of ongoing contract dispute and the new season of Breaking Bad was the front bumper in the game of chicken that both sides seem to have lost. It's things like this that will gradually convince more and more of the older generations to use technology such as Bittorrent to get the stuff they want to watch without all the bother and trouble of business models and the pissing contests between the companies that have them. And the thing about Bittorrent is that once you use it, it's hard to be confined by the restrictions of doing things the legal way. Why do things the legal way when you can hyperspace around the bullshit?
I hyperspaced around the AMC-Dish Network bullshit this evening with my trusty Bittorrent client, Vuze. A good copy of the latest episode of Breaking Bad was available within 20 minutes of the end of its broadcast. The altruists behind that effort are much faster-acting than the altruists behind the dubious effort allowing me to watch The Bachelorette on my computer.

Sally and Ramona today.

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