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Monday, July 23 2012
For much of last night prolonged soaking rains fell. While most of the corn belt continues to devastate the heart of corn-growing country, the asshole Republicans who own the corn fields of Hurley are growing beautiful crops and stand to make an unexpected windfall this year. I wonder if they're just a little bit happy that the Town of Marbletown scuttled their plan to turn a chunk of their farmland into a subdivision back during the housing boom.
This morning Ray came over to retrieve his Droid, which he'd left in our car yesterday during our outing across the Hudson. The moment he had it in his hands, Ray immediately began to check it to read whatever data changes it had accumulated since he'd last held it in his hands. In his own restrained human way, he was like a dog reuniting with his master. Humans don't generally get quite that excited upon reuniting with anything. But a smartphone is different; it's more a detachable lobe of the brain than anything else.
At some point I made sandwiches for both Ray and myself. These were the kind of sandwiches I've been living on since getting back from the Pacific Northwest. They were made using toasted cracked-wheat multigrain bread, Vegenaise vegan mayonnaise, slices of hickory smoked Tofurkey, thinly-sliced kosher pickles (a rare treat for just today), thinly-slice red onions, large slabs of freshly-picked Cosmonaut Volkov tomato, generous amounts of bolted (spicy!) arugula leaves, and habañero mustard. In conversation with Gretchen, I call such lavish sandwiches "snerches," a term used to convey their qualitative superiority over conventional sandwiches.

The second episode of this season's Breaking Bad proved much better than the disappointing first episode. It seemed to Gretchen and me that the show was back, even if it had jumped the shark only an episode before. Perhaps the success of today's episode was entirely due to the character of Mike, formerly Gus' long-suffering factotum, who got a lot of screen time. Mike usually doesn't seem to like his job, but there is nobody more competent. And it's hard not to root for him even when he's doing the most sociopathic things.

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