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Saturday, July 28 2012
Prolonged, heavy rains continued today, particularly in the morning, though I'm increasingly coming to believe that the extent of our rain-soaked biome is very circumscribed. I'm not complaining, but it seems a rare interaction between the jet stream, global warming, and perhaps the Catskills has created a small pocket of rare late-summer raininess in Southern Upstate New York.
Today I added the last of the salvage windows to the greenhouse, leaving its envelope completely sealed aside for two rectangles (one 24 by 17 inches, one 41 by 10 inches), spaces between rafters atop the south girder, the pet door, and a number of small cracks around unfinished window casements.
I don't yet know what I will do to fill in the rectangles still remaining in the south-facing wall. I have no appropriately-sized pieces of insulated glass, and I don't want to buy something custom. One idea is to use a larger piece of insulated glass and position it at an angle outside the wall, making a little cantilevered alcove where I can start seedlings or where a cat can sun himself.
In any case, I needed some supplies, so this afternoon I drove out to Home Depot mostly to get finishing lumber for the various window casements that I still need to retroactively build for already-hung window sashes. I also got some more spray foam, caulk, a roll of 23 inch wide, 6 inch deep insulation for the ceiling, and two large boxes of screws (one of four inch screws, the other of 2.5 inch screws).

At some point Gretchen and I watched two more episodes of Mad Men, though the show has yet to generate the craving that truly great shows eventually do.

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