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Tuesday, July 24 2012
This morning the guy who runs the Hurley vet had us come in so he could take a look at Ramona's knee himself before deciding what should be done about it. Another vet (not the main one) had looked at it some weeks ago and diagnosed a torn cruciate ligament along with a luxating patella. It didn't take the vet long today to determine that Ramona almost certainly does not have a problematic cruciate ligament and that the entire problem was the patella. It would still need surgery, but that surgery would be much less expensive and (best of all) Ramona will not need to be confined for the recovery process.

Paul and Ingrid continue their house hunt, and because they're in the market for a house costing a million dollars, Gretchen likes to come along to look with them. The downside is that looking at million dollar houses makes her feel like she's coming home to a hovel when she returns to our modest mcmansion. Today they looked at a 1.5 million dollar house very close to Stone Ridge that Gretchen thought was beautiful, but which Paul and Ingrid considered "too dark." When they all returned to our modest estate, Gretchen gave Paul and Ingrid a bunch of tomatoes from our, since there are always more than we can possibly eat.
There had been another powerful cloudburst today, and again it was remarkable for its lack of wind. Wind is usually a big part of summer thunderstorms, causing me to run around closing windows. But this summer the thunderstorms have mostly been windless. The reason I have been so aware of this is that I have a bunch of tools in the greenhouse upstairs, though I've taken down the tarp on the south-facing wall, leaving it exposed. If there had ever seemed to be a threat of wind, I would have put that tarp back in a hurry.
This evening Gretchen cooked a bunch of cabbage (fresh from the garden) and mixed in some Lima beans she'd soaked, creating the filling for some uncommonly delicious burritos (some of whose contents were leftovers from Mexican Monday — we don't always eat Mexican food when we're craving it, but when we do we like to eat it on Mexican Monday).

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