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   Ramona' first visit to the dump
Tuesday, July 3 2012
This afternoon Gretchen and I went on a run to the dump, the first such run since March and the first attended by Ramona. (I'd gone to the dump soon after we'd gotten her, but that time I'd decided to leave her at home until we knew her behavior better.) We'd generated a lot of trash over the past few months and there wasn't enough room for me to go with all the dogs unless we went in two cars. But taking our dogs to the dump is so important that two dogs it was. Normally Sally and Eleanor run around the dump and get into a little trouble (traditionally Sally would steal the bag of dog treats from the office). But Sally is so weak at this point that she just stayed in the car. Sad as it is, this was probably her last visit there. Still, Ramona stepped into Sally's shoes with gusto, getting in the way as people tried to weigh their trash and even, on two occasions, barking at the poor guy who gives out the dog treats.
After the dump run, Gretchen and I continued our convoy to Kenco, the outdoors outfitter at the corner of Hurley Mountain Road and Route 28. I needed new flip flops (among other things) since I haven't gone clothes shopping in years. We ended up getting me a pair of long trousers, a pair of shorts, and several button-up short-sleaved shirts. Unfortunately, the only flip flops with suitable characteristics were non-vegan, so I'm stuck with the six-year-old pair that Ramona recently partially-destroyed.
This evening Gretchen went with Paul and Ingrid to look at a 1.5 million dollar residence in West Hurley. Evidently Paul is expecting to come into money at some point and such real estate is within his price range. Money goes a lot further in West Hurley than it does in, say, Woodstock, and (according to Gretchen) the house is 19th Century mansion perched on a hilltop with gorgeous panoramic views of the Ashokan Reservoir (which lies to its north).
Gretchen, Paul, and Ingrid all returned shortly after Nancy delivered Sarah the Vegan to our house, which she would be occupying for the next week and a half while we would be off in the Pacific Northwest. At that point we ended up having something of a party at our house. Ray even drove up to join us, and it went on until something like midnight. After that I took a late night bath as I wanted to be nice and clean for the various airplane flights tomorrow.

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