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Monday, July 30 2012
It could have been a Mexican Lunes, I supposed, but instead it ended up being a pseudoephedrine-and-spaghetti Monday. I needed to focus on work, and this semi-illicit stimulant can be good for that.
This evening Gretchen was craving simple spaghetti, which we hadn't had in a long time. So both of us worked on making it. I went out and gathered fresh tomatoes, cut them up, and added them to a can of tomatoes, all of which Gretchen cooked down to a thicker consistency, adding sauteed mushrooms and capers along the way. There was also a sour collard-and-tomato concoction that Gretchen referred to as "garden slop." It was delicious.
Given how rainy it's been of late, it's a good thing that we had such an early start for our tomato patches. Tomatoes do best in drier conditions. In wet weather they're susceptible to leaf wilt, rot, tomatoes swelling to the point of splitting, and depredations by gastropods. In dry weather, nothing much eats ripe tomatoes, but once the slugs are creeping around the tomatoes quickly develop gnaw marks. (Evidently due to a lack of calcium in our rocks, we have almost no snails.)

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