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Saturday, January 5 2013
A mild thaw commenced today, with sunshine and temperatures reaching up into the lower 40s. In the afternoon, mostly just to give Gretchen some alone time, I drove into town to get a few supplies. Lowes stocks beautiful $13 globe-shaped LED candelabra bulbs, which are otherwise impossible to obtain ( is sold out of them). Last time I'd been to Lowes, I'd taken the only two on their shelf, though today they had a whole bunch of them, so I got four more so I'd have a complete set for the dining room chandelier (a copper pipe hexapus I made five years ago). Gretchen and I are determined continue our kitchen's grocery fast, seeing how long we can go without buying any more food. But since tomorrow would be a coffee Sunday, we made an exception so I could buy non-dairy creamer. Since that was for Gretchen, I was also allowed one item: a container of mushrooms. As usual when I'm out on 9W, I bought my groceries at ShopRite. For some reason that store often has long lines at the checkout counters, but today those lines were unusually long. Given the crush of humanity and the lack of photogeneity of the average ShopRite shopper (even by Kingston standards), it looked like a scene from a post-apocalyptic chapter in America's future history, perhaps after nuclear bombs have mutated the chromosomes of even the most fervently-prayerful Christians.

This evening Gretchen made yet another delicious meal using only the supplies in our increasingly-depleted stores. We had two partial bags of risotto, so Gretchen made a dish using canned tomatoes, risotto, and cubes of marinaded tofu that tasted a lot like feta cheese.

Gretchen went out to a movie or something tonight. At a certain point I'd done everything I wanted to do today, so I went to bed early.

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