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Monday, January 28 2013
With Gretchen down in Manhattan attending to the needs of a new mother, I took the dogs for their morning walk probably an hour or two before she would have gotten to it. Even when I'm on walks in the forest, I tend to rely on podcasts playing on my computer and being broadcast in the FM radio band. This limits how far my walks can go, especially if the podcast is a particularly juicy one; I tend to lose the signal at the farmhouse at the end of the farm road (about a half mile from the antenna). Sometimes at that point I'll switch over to listening to one of the low-power fundamentalist Christian radio stations just to marvel at their absurd notion of rock 'n' roll (I've written about this before). I say fundamentalist, because the other day I heard Ken Ham advertising his Creationism-themed supernatural history museum, and that shit is definitely fundamentalist. It's hard to imagine what it's like to negotiate the modern world with such a primitive and unyielding set of mental tools. But the fact of the matter is that even fundamentalist culture changes over time. For example, forty years ago, fundamentalists and evangelicals didn't care one way or the other about abortion. Certainly the Biblical basis of their world view hasn't changed; what has changed instead is the Epibible. (Am I really the first to come up with this term? The Epibible is to the Bible as the Epigenome is to the Genome, giving fundamentalists just enough flexibility to cope with a world made of something other than sand and donkeys.)

I experienced a nice relaxing day of low-importance low-stress projects such as trying to make an Atom-330-based motherboard (Gretchen's old motherboard in Badger) boot up a Hackintosh installation of OS X 10.7 (Lion). (I was mostly successful, though I couldn't get the ethernet or sound to work, and it also tended to corrupt its BIOS settings every time it went to sleep.)
I also watched lots of teevee, including at least one freshly-downloaded episode of the 2nd season of Girls.

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