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Tuesday, January 22 2013
Though the day was sunny, temperatures were bitterly cold and accompanied at times by strong winds. At some point I went down to the boiler room to see what the solar controller was up to. Even on extremely cold days, if the sun is out, there is heat to be collected. But I heard a weird clunking sound coming from one of the Grundfos Powerzone electric valves, so I climbed up on the platform over the well pressure tank to investigate. The valve was trying to open, but something in its mechanism was failing, and so it just kept trying and making that sound every two or three seconds. Because it wouldn't open, no hot water was being collected from the hydronic solar panels on the roof. I'd gotten these Grundfos valves cheap, but they're not especially durable and turn out to be expensive to replace. The one thing they have going for them is that the motor gear mechanism (the "powerhead") can be removed from the plumbing without any tools. I took the failing powerhead upstairs and soon determined that the problem was not with the motor but with the gearing it was attached to. Fortunately, I had a good gearing unit from another Grundfos powerhead whose motor had failed. Combining the two working pieces of these two different powerheads meant that I could fix my problem without ordering any new parts. But I ordered a new valve anyway, because I've learned that it's always good to have a replacement on hand for a critical unit that one is using many copies of. Like tires on a car, I have five or six Grundfos valves in use, although one of them has been replaced by a Honeywell Powertrack valve, which is essentially the same technology under a different brand. (My experience with two different Grundfos products have both been unsatisfactory. From now on it's all about Taco and Honeywell.)

This evening I went on something of a trolling tear over at the Facebook page for The Tea Party using one of my many faux Facebook identities (referred to here as "XXXX"). It was hard to anticipate the level of crazy that would develop over the paranoid fantasy that Obama would come and take everyone's guns, but now that it's here, it's fun to toy with. Hard-core gun nuts are an unusually non-ironic bunch, and generally the more ridiculous the weapon I was worried about being siezed or the more racist my non-sequiturs, the more likes my posts got. Here are some highlights:

XXXX: I too am perplexed by Obama's need for armed security. Surely Ronald Reagan never needed such armed thugs to protect him. Obama is a pussy, and so are his two kids and wife. Man up, Obama! (1 like)

XXXX: is there any chance that Romney/Ryan can still become president? it just seems to shred the constitution that he was elected and put back into office. also, i'm really worried about my guns and whether or not my two daughters are sleeping with african americans (she likes rap music!!).

XXXX: Hitler-loving Communist Muslim Atheist!!!

XXXX: Can you believe that Obama has armed security? I don't understand why he would need that. No other president in the history of the EARTH ever needed protection -- certainly not Ronald Reagan. What, you think people are going to shoot you? They never shot Ronald Reagan, so why would they shoot you?

XXXX: he's not just a COMMUNIST and a NAZI -- he's also an ATHEIST and a MUSLIM and a secret MORMON! he's also A BIG OLD QUEER -- you know how i know? he supports gay rights! and he doesn't support gun rights. guns are people too! (2 likes) XXXX: i mean -- supporting QUEERs who aren't even PEOPLE when there are GUNS that need our support! what a nazi muslim communist atheist coward who needs security like no other president ever did before!

XXXX: and i can't believe he has CZARS!! those are RUSSIANS! That means he's a big old communist! COMMUNIST! and he wants to take our GUNS and make us worship mecca and also medina and the DEVIL and he wants to make US QUEER anxd hey wasmts todfjms sm fskomkosdf; mlkzsd;fkjsnd;fosjdfjko;njkldb ndjklf;kl


Daphine Wilson: XXXX, check your facts,Bush had the first Czars. All of you stop watching Fox News. You sound like nut jobs!

XXXX: I C A N T T A K E I T A N Y M O R E!!!! ANYONE WANT TO MOVE TO CANADA WITH ME? we can keep our guns and not have to use OBAMACARE and worship the DEVIL there!!!

XXXX: mean, come on, he is not only the biggest ATHEIST in the world, but he is also a BIG MUSLIM who belives we SHOULD ALL LOVE ALLAH and say ALLAHU AKHBAR ten times each day. And he believes we should all have to have OBAMACARE which is is just a bunch of death panels and some pits in the ground where they bury you after the death panels are done with you. ALSO HE HATES GUNS!! GUNS ARE WHY WE ARE FREE! IF IT WERENT FOR GUNS NOBODY WOULD TAKE ME SERIOUSLY!!


Ken Jones: Take him for a long walk off a short pier

XXXX: i don't WANT to have to say ALLAHU AKHBAR! I want to say THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE (with the word GOD) and I want to have lots of guns so I CAN MAKE THE GOVERNMENT DO WHAT I WANT IT TO DO AND NOT WHAT IT WANTS TO DO!

Anna Maria Schaer: LIE!!!

Roy Pinchin: Fraud!

Ryan Michalski: Obama's a tool BAG! He's not even good enough to be JUST a tool! Lol

XXXX: LIE! is right! HE IS A LIAR BECAUSE HE SAID HE WOULD TORTURE THE EVIL DOERS but he didnt!! he also said he WOULD LET US BE FREE but he didn't bring back prayer to the schools! and he didn't let employers tell their employees what healthcare they had to have. THAT IS WHAT FREEDOM LOOKS LIKE! He's a nazi atheist muslim communist who also likes to pack fudge. (2 Likes)

Sandra Dowler: Obama taking an oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States was not only a LIE but the biggest JOKE of the day!!! As Biden would say....MALARKEY!!!!!!!!!

Donald G. Holz: I like it XXXX.It is so true.

Bill Meagher: To radical Liberals! Somehow this always leads back to being racist when someone opposes narrow minded. I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with him blaming Bush for everything when it was he that helped destroy this country's economy as a lawyer for ACORN threatening lawsuits to Banks who did not comply with Clinton's Community Redevelopment Act giving Home Loans to those who could not possible pay them back, taking us to war with Libya without Congress' approval and ignoring the War Powers Act, stomping on our Constitution, supporting the Muslim brotherhood, sweeping what happened in Benghazi under the rug, Fast & Furious cover up, using executive order to pass unconstitutional laws bypassing Congress completely, extensive use of czars, amassing and deploying yet more presidential power in the White House, avoiding Senate confirmation that is normally required of people as powerful as cabinet officers and lying about raising taxes....yea I'm sure his race has everything to do with it!! IF ANY REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT HAD DONE A TENTH OF OBAMA'S RADICAL BEHAVIOR, THE MAINSTREAM LIBERAL MEDIA AND OBAMA VOTERS WOULD BE ALL OVER IT! (2 Likes)

XXXX: i don't want to be a muslim atheist communist nazi queer baby eater! that's why i have guns! i don't want to say allahu akhbar and pray to mecca, i want to say the pledge of allegiance (with GOD in it) and i want to have guns so i can overthrow the government if i don't like it being taken over by liberals and welfare cheating mexicans!

XXXX: soon we will all have to eat babies and renounce god and pray to mecca. it's sad! we won't even have guns because they will have been seized and our children will be too gay to miss them not being there.

XXXX: i just found out my daughter has a black for a boyfriend. what is this world coming to? should have banned rap music back when we had a chance. rap music is why obama is president and why we cant have lots of guns like we should be allowed to have.

XXXX: and praying to mecca -- i don't think obama will be able to make me do that. i won't have a gun anymore to shoot the people who will make me pray to mecca and be an atheist muslim communist hitler lover, but maybe i can pick up a rock and throw it at the government bureaucrats who come to make me pray to mecca like an atheist muslim black person loving welfare cheater mexican.

XXXX: and i wont make my daughter get an abortion even if the government bureaucrats tell me she has to get one. that is, unless that black boyfriend of hers gets her pregnant. i can't stand muslim mexicans!

XXXX: if god didn't want us to have guns, why did He make our hands the right shape for shooting them? answer me that, obama! i'm really mad about gangnam style taking over pop music. koreans need to quit having slanty eyes and eating that kim chi stuff! (2 Likes)

XXXX: if obama makes it so we all have to dance gangnam style and make our hands do the horsey thing then i am going to get my gun and load it with bullets and then i don't know what is going to happen, but i do not want to dance gangnam style. and i do not want to pray to mecca or have to perform abortions in an abortion sweatshop. (1 like)

XXXX: gangnam style and gun control and being a nazi communist muslim atheist all go together. this is why i don't want the government taking over social security and medicare!

XXXX: the day that my daughter started dating a black man was the same day i heard the government was going to make everyone have to dance gangnam style and get trained to perform abortions and unlearn how to shoot a gun. what is this world coming to?

XXXX: i want to keep remembering how to use a gun even after the government takes all 432 of my guns and all my boxes of ammo and gives them to terrorists. i DO NOT want to have to learn how to dance gangnam style. i do not want to pray to mecca, even if the government tells me i have to. (1 Like)

Raymond Puckett: once again a dam lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rob Marotta: This from the man who headed the Harvard legal review never having written a legal review. (2 Likes)

XXXX: everyone here, when we are all marched into camps and made take off our baseball caps and learn how to dance gangnam style and then pray to mecca, who among us will rise up and shout "HELL NO! I WILL NOT BE A COMMUNIST ATHEIST MUSLIM NAZI!"

XXXX: the scary thing is the Plan obama has to make all americans into actors in a series of gay porn movies designed to promote islam, abortion, and the atheist musliim lifestyle. i don't want to participate in the making of such filth! this is why we need to arm ourselves and why we need to shoot our guns often in random directions off our front porches! (2 Likes)

XXXX: hey everyone, tell you what, to make a statement, why don't all of us agree to shoot our guns at 2pm eastern time tomorrow. it will be the shot heard 'round the world. it would be a great way to protest abortion, obama, gangnam style, and gay porn!! (2 Likes)

XXXX: i have lots of bullets and i am itching to shoot them somewhere. and i am very very mad. also i havent taken my medications. (1 Like)

Jeneva Shipley: yep, just one big joke to him.

XXXX: also I HATE PRAYING TO MECCA!!! a government chip in my head makes me pray to meccca ten times a day unless i wear tinfoil in my hat!!!!

XXXX: why are there so many brown people working at the taco bell! i want to eat my authentic mexican food without having to hear people talking funny!!

Walter Post: He should protect himself

XXXX: but back to gangnam style. how did that song become the National Anthem of these united states? i say it's God Bless America and not gangnam style. i refuse to dance gangnam style even if the ATF comes and tries to make me!!

Charles S. Pennino: Seems the blacks don't give a rip about out-of-control spending. Just heard them say as much. Reckon they expect us whites to pay their way as usual. You just can't make this stuff up. What would MLK do??

Vera Potter: Those that can't see where this country is headed if we don't put a stop to it is an idiot. Lets see all the shootings lately have been liberals or progressives, I say take the e.guns away from them leave the conservatives in charg

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