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Wednesday, November 11 2015
After Gretchen's phone interview with a Miami radio station (about the reprinting of her book Kind, available with free shipping for a limited time), I discovered that my caller ID circuit was introducing hum on the phoneline. Detaching the resistor network designed to detect the hook-state of the phone was something of a shitshow, as I accidentally connected ground to +5volts and then wondered why the board wouldn't power up. And then the micro-USB port broke loose from the cheap Chinese knock-off Arduino Micro. I tried powering it with a separate supply, but I was working in murky light and hooked the +5v and ground up backwards. (To prevent such fuckups, I try to color-code all appropriate header pins and wires with either red or black, but I haven't gotten to everything and often in a pinch I'll use inappropriately-colored wires.) But Arduinos, even cheap Chinese knockoffs, are incredibly tough, and even though it had been through hell, the one with the now-missing USB port continued to work. Using its SPI port as an ISP programming port, I was still able to upload sketches to run on it. But it was no longer usable in my caller ID circuit, which depends on the USB port for continued development (so far I haven't written much of the data parser to tease time and identifying information out of the blizzard of ASCII coming from the EM92547B).
Yesterday before Susan called to invite us to join her and David for Chinese food, Gretchen had been making a lentil wat to eat with a package of injera she'd retrieved from the freezer. Today I lived mostly on injera and various wats (including one made with late-season broccoli and kale, picked only yesterday from our garden). It turns out that there are a lot of potential "wats" that go good with injera, including Goya-brand refried beans. [REDACTED]

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