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Thursday, November 12 2015
This evening, I finally built a firewood rack for the living room from the black iron pipe I'd bought many months ago. As you may not recall, I'd tried to skimp on materials and assemble it using exclusively threaded fittings that I then attempted to solder. This didn't work at all, so I'd been forced to buy union fittings. And then it just sat there in the laboratory, unfinished, until today. The motivation is that Gretchen's parents will be attending a Thanksgiving hosted at our house, and for some reason Gretchen had said that Thanksgiving was happening next week, when in fact it is happening the week after next. The resulting wood rack has a great 19th Century look to it (I'd say "steam punk," but it's all-steam/no-punk). Unfortunately, at a length of about 54 inches, it's bigger than it needs to be. It can hold about 20 cubic feet of wood, which is more than a 6th of a cord. That is enough wood for a week of burning during the coldest days of the year.

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