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Monday, November 23 2015
Yesterday and more especially this morning, I could feel myself developing a head cold. By this morning, I had a scratchiness in my throat, which seemed to be producing copious mucous, though fortunately my sinuses didn't seem to be affected. My symptoms were probably made worse by the fact that today was also my second without caffeine. Caffeine withdrawal alone can lead to flu-like symptoms.
The cleaning jihad continued today, with a concentration on the basement. I interrupted that work in the late morning to pull the trigger on a code release for web clients out on the West Coast, and it was the smoothest release so far. Maybe all the hidden landmines in that clusterfuck have finally been triggered! Had the release gone badly, my caffeine withdrawal would surely have punished me severely. Pulling it off during such withdrawal was more of a confidence-booster than expected.
In the mid-afternoon, I went out on another firewood-gathering foray, this time mostly getting wood from a pile I'd made along a shortcut connector trail I'd made between the Stick Trail and the trail down to the Gullies Trail. The weather was unseasonably cold (in the 30s), though I didn't wear a jacket because I knew the work alone would warm me. Today's load came to 111.95 pounds.

This evening Gretchen developed a new noodle bake recipe that she later photographed and submitted to a recipe contest. Her parents arrived after dark in a brand new Subaru, the kind with adaptive cruise control but non-leather seats (apparently most of the best features are packaged with leather seats, which makes it hard for vegans to get the features they want). As always, they came bearing gifts. Eventually we ate the noodle bake, and it was great, though I think Gretchen sprinkled it a bit too heavily with faux-cheese crackers.

Conversation tonight focused almost entirely on menu planning for Thanksgiving, and you know how I feel about that. Fortunately, after Gretchen's parents went to bed, Gretchen and I watched another great season-2 episode of Fargo.

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