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   early Thanksgiving
Thursday, November 19 2015
Today it was rainy and warm, so warm in fact that the basement was cooler than the outdoors, so as I finished up the basement main guestroom trim project, I had the sliding doors wide open. Celeste the Cat took a great interest in my work, climbing up on the stool with me when I had to hammer nails up near the ceiling.
This evening Carrie & Michæl came over for dinner. Gretchen had made a purée-of-cauliflower soup, and they brought a huge tray of stuffing (among several other things, including a can of translucent cranberry sauce). The meal was an early Thanksgiving, since, due to familial demands, Carrie & Michæl can never attend any of our Thanksgivings. Among other things, the evening was something of an extended show & tell. I showed Michæl the wood rack I'd built based loosely on the one I'd seen he'd built at his house, and Gretchen showed off the poem she'd written that is featured in the 25th anniversary edition of the Sexual Politics of Meat. My biggest pride and joy, though, was the Ahmed Mohamed clock, whose code I continue to tinker with. It's a fun little thing to trot out after a dinner party, particularly for someone like Michæl, who is a professional art curator but who has grown weary of the usual forms that art takes.
Other topics of discussion include Carrie's nascent career as a television writer, which she stumbled into via her Hollywood sister and a well-received idea for a comedic drama.
I'd found a few little bugs while demonstrating my Ahmed Mohamed clock, so this evening after Carrie & Michæl left, I made more little changes to the code. Here's the latest version: gus_clock.ino, now up to 90 kilobytes in size.

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