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   bombing badly
Wednesday, August 1 2018
Well, that was the worst interview of my life. I'd applied for a senior REST API developer with knowledge of Laravel, but when I had to answer technical questions, I bombed badly. I just don't keep the right jargon in my head, and so I couldn't product it on command. I kept saying "I don't know" and the interviewer kept saying, "alright" in a way that suggested he couldn't believe how badly prepared I was. I was on ritalin at the time, and it most decidedly did not help. If that doesn't give one impostor syndrome, I don't know what will. Oh well, I've had bad interviews before, and though they make me feel stupid, there's a job out there for me somewhere. Meanwhile, there are other things indicating progress in my job search. That pharmaceutical company wants another interview with me. Hopefully it will go better. I should definitely bone up on my Lua knowledge first.
I'd had a new rule that said I could drink on any day on had a good substantial job interview. Today I changed it so that I can drink on any day I have a substantial interview. Good is no longer a requirement.

Meanwhile, today started out very rainy. I went down to the screened-in porch to see if any of that rain was getting in. It mostly wasn't, though there was some coming in through the screen door due its proximity to where water was falling from a gutter overhead. Unfortunately, that water puts the screen door in an unfortunate place, since anyone trying to use it in the rain will get drenched if they step out too far. I think, though, that I can build a little platform that avoids that water and actually blocks the spray from where it hits a patch of waste concrete (leftover from the pouring of the basement slab).

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