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Wednesday, August 22 2018
While Gretchen was off at the bookstore today with Neville, I went mushroom hunting again, concentrating east of the swamp on the east side of the Farm Road, where I knew there were several clusters of chanterelles. I actually managed to find several new clusters higher up to the east, in drier places I wouldn't've expected to find chanterelles. Back at the house, I immediately made delicious chanterelle & refried bean burritos. I had so many chanterelles from today's harvest that I had chanterelle burritos for dinner as well, although I neglected to heat them for the dinner burritos, and that was probably a mistake. About half way through my dinner burritos, I was wondering if perhaps I'd been eating too many chanterelles.
But well before dinner, I drove out to Home Depot to get some sort of underlayment for the standing-seam roofing. Normally I wouldn't use underlayment at all (we never used it on metal roofing projects when I was a kid and that never seemed to be a problem; and also I do not wear underwear). There were several options, and, after realizing a little over one roll was all I needed, I went with the fairly expensive stuff, though I only got one roll. I assumed I had some similar product at home, leftover from the original building of the house. [I was wrong!]
Meanwhile, Gretchen messaged me from the bookstore to say she was feeling kind of sick, though she ended up coming home at the usual time. I offered to make her her "sick soup," but she ended up eating leftover cooked greens. Eventually we watched the first episode of the fourth season of Better Call Saul and then went immediately to bed, even though it was rather early.

Another thing I did today was make some last-minute changes to the Symfony-React code challenge I'd been working on for the past week. Today I addressed all the little nagging issues mentioned by the Babel compiler and Chrome's console, issues that hadn't much affected its behavior (or caused compilation failure). I thought it would be good to have no such errors be reported to whoever my prospective employer might be.

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